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So the Winter season is well and truly upon us in the UK, with you updating your wardrobe for those cosy feels, it’s a good idea to upgrade your footwear too. When faced with situations where trainers aren’t really the suitable option, a good idea for footwear with grit is a solid pair of boots. There are so many out there so I’ve made a short list of things to consider when copping winter boots.

Adaptable Style

If you are investing in a decent pair of boots, your are probably best getting a pair that goes with the majority of your wardrobe. Getting a black/dark colour is a good shout because with it being generally dark and gloomy, your choice of colours may follow suit.  For those on a regular commute through the city, there may be occasions where the ground is muddy and yucky so the darker the better, so the stains aren’t so obvious.

You can get away with bright clothing and dark boots, Santa himself is a great ambassador for that flex, but dark clothing and bright boots is a bit of a mare to be honest.


Don’t get it twisted, boots that are made to last do not come cheap so it is worth looking around before committing and securing a pair of boots that you feel you will rock for a few seasons. It’s advisable to go for well know name brands like Dr Martens who I have become a huge fan of this year (late to the party… I know)


jamaco winter boots dr martens

I managed to get a pair black boots for this winter and I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable boots I have worn in a very long time. I am used to wearing trainers and these give an added bounce with every step which I didn’t expect. Usually boots can be very tough and clunky but these are quite the opposite.

I recommend sizing up for enhanced comfort with these. I managed to find my perfect size in Jacamo, check out their range of boots here.

dr martens boots


It is vital to rock a pair of comfortable shoes wherever you go. Shoes to me are the foundation of your outfit and can make a huge difference on how you feel. Nothing worse than allowing your clothing to distract or hinder your performance at work or in a social space so don’t always shop on the net, get out there and try on boots for comfort to make sure you step steady and are happy with your investment.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Check out my instagram posts for style reviews and more.

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