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wants and needs

Welcome to WANTS + NEEDS Episode 002. Featuring: Gucci, All Saints, MISBHV & More.

Wants + Needs is a weekly series dedicated to providing luxury menswear looks. Essentially these are items on my wish list with less then subtle hints that one of you should bless me with these at some point.

On a serious note, please do check out these hand picked items curated by myself and let me know what you think and which one you would cop or drop.


mens winter coat


All Saints do it again. This winter jacket is so slick and I have had my eye on it for a while. The sleek design hides the buttons giving that smooth look and traps in that much needed warmth in these cold streets.

Price: £255.50

From Selfridges


mens t-shirt


Over-sized Tee’s are still a vibe this time of the year.  The benefits of wearing bigger than big t-shirts all year round is that you get those breezy feels in the summer, keeping you cool right through to the winter where you get that much needed warmth from that extra sleevage. “Joy” is an uplifting message and is pretty seasonal in the run up to Christmas too.

Price: £105 



mens trousers


Gucci are still moving nice with the trouser range. This pattern is dope and can be worn with most colours. Wool is perfect for this season increasing that comfortability factor. Stay warm in style!

Price: £700

From Farfetch


mens footwear dr martens


Now I have to admit I am super late to the party with the Dr Martens footwear but these boots are really growing on me. This vintage style really adds character to the fit with ease allowing you to step steady pun them when they’re not ready.

Price: £145



a cold wall pin

Being a massive fan of UK brands, I always try to shed light on our own. This week’s accessory is nothing short of greatness from Samuel Ross’s A-COLD-WALL*. This on the All Saints Jacket would be cold! Bring your coat to life with this accessory.

Price: £35

From: OK-NI

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