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wk 2

One thing I love about this time of year, is getting used to the sun making cameo appearances every now and again. Although it it bright it is still slightly on the chilly side of things, staying warm doesn’t have to be boring.


My style is very seasonal and I often get in the weird habit of literally selecting outfits that reflect the colour of the sky. You would rarely see me wearing bright colours as it is, but every now and again I step out of that routine and wear something that contrasts this cycle whilst remaining minimal.


When executed right, denim on denim action always has a bold effect. I recently took a trip down to House of Fraser to check out the latest styles they had on offer. I came across a saucy number from Levi’s. At first I had to question if the garment was denim shirt or jacket and to be fair the texture is light but robust enough to act as both. I normally go for fitted shirts however I could easily rock this top as a stand alone denim shirt or stick a white tee underneath and easily look like a proud dancer in Iggy Azaelea’s new ‘Team’ music video.

Every Levi item I have owned has stood the test of time, not only seasonally but for years and years and I honestly think that is because they focus on timeless iconic pieces. Wearing a denim shirt keeps you warm, and the button poppers allows room for air to flow in easily if you do get a bit hot under the collar in this time of unpredictable weather.


Loving my Twelvesons red footwear and rose gold Mayer luxury watch which both really completes the look and allows me to stand out effortlessly.

Whilst celebrating Easter, my church held a conference on the theme of having audacious hope which made me think about the importance of having hope with the application of action. Hope is expensive. Hope is what often drives us and gives your something to look forward to however if no action / work is done in order for the desire to come into fruition… that hope is just wishful thinking which holds less power.

I met someone for the first time and described my week to them… they responded by saying “You are working too hard mate” and the fact that they gave that honest reaction to what I consider the norm knocked me for six.

I began to think why I do what I do, what drives me to be so productive? In a nutshell I do hope for better days ahead not just for myself but for my family and my loved ones.

Being a young dad of two has caused me to see the world differently and one of my fatherly instincts (from when I got married actually) is to protect and provide for my family. This is why I grind so hard and so optimistic about the future because I have audacious hope and I am applying hard work. As long as I continue to apply both I am confident that I will achieve this.

Happiness is important and with summer round the corner, it allows me to look forward to the brighter days ahead and I mean that in every sense. *Praying hands Emoji*


Denim Shirt – Levi’s

Skinny Jeans – Topman

Footwear – Twelvesons

Watch – Mayer Watches

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Edited by Oliver Greaves.