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27 hours

As much as it is a precious commodity, time is mans worst enemy for it is always against us. It is the one thing that we can often wait for with great anticipation, and as much as it desired it will eventually up and leave us.

I often find myself saying things like, “where has the day gone?” or “There really isn’t enough hours in a day”. I even toyed with the thought of the perfect number of hours to allow me to work, chill and sleep without compromise and came to the conclusion that a 27 hour day would be perfect for me and this is exactly how I would break it up:

8 Hours of Sleep (Standard)

2 Hours of Travel

9 Hours of Work

3 Hours of Netflix & Actual Chill

1.5 Hours of Planning, Preparation, Meditation & Prayer

2 Hours for Meal time

1.5 Hours to Exercise

Even a 3 day weekend would suffice but we will save this story for another day…

The fact is that there are enough in a day but the reality is that I need to manage my time more efficiently to complete the tasks at hand enabling me to live out my perfect day.

Here are 6 fundamental tips on cramming my perfect 27 hours into 24.

Kill All Distractions

There’s nothing worse than knowing you have things to do and letting menial distractions block or delay you from achieving your goals. If you (like me) are a social media head that opens every notification as soon as they pop up, get in the practice of turning off your phone or even putting it on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. If you work in a noisy area think about situating yourself in a peaceful environment which will allow you to switch on and remain focused. Even as I type this in my daughters bedroom (now that she is finally asleep) I am able to let my ideas flow naturally and complete the task at hand.

Create A Daily Plan of What You Need To Do (And actually do it that day…)

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

I have recently begun to make a daily plan checklist of everything that needs to be completed that day. It’s easy to come up with a mental plan of what you want to achieve but writing things down can be extremely effective. Ink it don’t think it! There are so many decent calendar apps available but even if you simply jot a checklist in your notes it is a great way of reminding yourself of what tasks need to be completed. This allows you to make time to bring these things into fruition, you feel like a don because you are getting things done and ticked off the list, which motivates you to keep going and feeling good about being productive. Internal hi fives are cool bro.

Learn how to say No and mean it.

The amount of requests I get on the daily to do things that can me done by other people is actually insane. Before giving an immediate answer, to do anything take the time out to think… do I really need to take this on? (big or small) and if for any reason you don’t than return that request to sender so you can focus on what you need to do. We’re trying to live that 27 hour day hear man, no time to mess around entertaining foolishness. If you genuinely need to help someone do something they are not able to do right there and then… then fair enough…

Always aim to be early. 

“Better late than never but never late is better” – Drake

To be early is great, it shows that your mean business and you have exercised good time management. I am very much an early morning person. There’s something refreshing about waking up and after a good nights sleep (and other marital activities) and taking on a good early morning challenge setting you up for the rest of the day. Being early for an appointment allows you to make room for planning, preparation, meditation and prayer which I believe is vital to ones daily routine. Major Key Alert *DJ Khaled voice*

One step at a time.

Try not to multi task at all times. Apply a high level of focus on one thing at a time and you will be amazed at the results. The mind can only process so much information at one time, and where you may be thinking you are killing to birds with one stone you are really decreasing the size and effectiveness of that stones throw while the birds  are getting bigger and badder. Don’t wokr hard, work smart!

Literally keep time on your hands.

Often we can get so engrossed in work that we can lose track of time. I highly recommend keeping a visible clock in the form of a watch to help you to best manage your time in a non obtrusive yet extremely stylish way. As well as being a great accessory a good watch will help you organise your day and can be used as a good reminder to make the most out of your time.

Above I am rocking my new favourite Rose Gold time piece by Mayur London.

The Mayur watch brand originated in London United Kingdom, by two watch enthusiasts who wanted to create simplistic luxury affordable watches inspired by London and British dress style for watch lovers around the world. Their watches are designed to incorporate stylish, classic watch design combined with high quality craftsmanship.

It is currently priced at £74.99 ($104) and they offer free worldwide shipping to any country. When unboxing the watch you will see a international warranty card that allows any defects with the watch to be covered by our warranty and is redeemable from any country along as the purchaser has the card. The watch has a product tag attached to it with a barcode for each specific model. When this bar code is scanned it will show the model name and relevant colour.
If you like the look of these watches and want to cop one you can get a 15% discount using my code: TAILOR15
For more designs and info check out: www.Mayurwatches.com
Shirt: Levi’s
Photography by: www.dfearonphotos.com
Peace & Love.
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