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How To Dress Well at Home During Lockdown


Lockdown has become a new reality for the majority of the world, we have had to adapt and navigate to survive. Here is my guide on how to dress well during lockdown.

get rid of clothesGet rid of clothes that don’t fit.

Now we have all either put on weight or lost weight over the last year due to our physical inactivities/activities and possible change in diet. For me personally I have maintained a diet that incorporates a lifestyle for intermittent fasting and as a result I have eaten a lot less on a daily basis. 

The clothes I was rocking last year do not fit me anymore and you know what I am happy about it! Everything in your space should serve a purpose and if it doesn’t, then we should take action. Get rid of clothing that serves no purpose any more.

Be intentional with your clothing, make room for your blessings. Wearing a cycle of garments that fit you well and compliments your figure, effectively makes you feel good. If it is oversized or skinny and that is your style choice then run with it, as long as your are comfortable, that is the main objective!

Choose Quality over Quantity

Choose quality of quantity.

I would recommend buying items that you know will stand the test of time. Instead of investing in fast fashion, perhaps save and buy a high quality item that you know you can wear over and over again without the worry of a random hole appearing under your armpit or your crotch area.

I would rather have a case full of high quality clothing over a full wardrobe of rubbed out garms.

If you can, set a side a budget aside per month to buy a high quality top or pair of bottoms, treat yourself mate, you’re worth it!

Comfort is key

Comfort is key my fren!

For many of us, we have been made to transform our only place of relaxation into an office space almost completely removing the true sense of feeling at home. One thing you can do to retain this feeling relaxed is to ensure you have clothing in your rotation of outfits that exudes comfort. When you are comfortable you are at ease, and more confident in meetings, calls and various work/projects you may need to complete.

My choice of comfortable clothing is the good old tracksuit. What’s yours? Let me know in the comment section below. 

sort out your clothes

Sort out your clothes from the night before.

So this is a gem of a habit to formulate but sorting out the clothes you want to rock in advance cuts out a lot of hassle for you the next day. The gratification you get from feeling like you have one less think to worry about is amazing too!

I often pick out clothes according to what I am doing, if I know I have to pop out at some point I will incorporate something that is quite warm and more presentable. Planning ahead is an art which takes time so many do it one or two days a week to start off. If there are items that never get selected then think twice about why they are in your wardrobe.

keep movement in mind

Keep movement in mind.

One of the best quotes I heard this summer and I will continue to carry is “Movement is the song of the body” and I just think that is incredible. The less we move the less we are rewarding our body, the very thing we need to carry us daily and mechanically support us throughout this pandemic and beyond.

With that in mind it is incredibly important to incorporate movement into our daily routine. Now I have fallen victim to literally sitting at my desk all day long and it is honestly terrible. I have never sat down so much in my life.

What can we do to help break this cycle? If you prepare clothing that encourages active movement without friction/difficulty this really helps. You can go from your desk and for a quick run without having to think to hard about changing which can easily be an excuse for you to stay put and not exercise which is another reason why the tracksuit is a great go to option for me.

 I hope you found this useful, if you did let me know what works for you and share with someone who could do with these tips too!

Check out my video where I speak about this more here

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