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Ghetts continues his run of excellence with Proud Family


Ghetts returns with more fire to wrap up this year with yet another polished work of art, ‘Proud Family’

The split screen visuals are incredible and follows a story of the importance of making the right decisions and how it impacts the family / loved ones.

This is so important to discuss and I hope the message transcends to the younger generation. Ghetts also displays a serious level of vulnerability as an artist by including (what appears to be) his own children in the music video which is rare and refreshing to see. I recall those moments of building cots for the new born so again to see this in a music video from a black man in the UK is honestly so good to see. As normal as the act is, this does not get shown enough, and it’s great to see artists of this generation breaking this cycle and really normalising and promoting black fatherhood and family.

Check out the video here:

It was great to see GH in the studio with some of the UK greats including Skepta, J Hus and Dave to name a few.

Ghetts’ most recent 5-6 releases have been on another level and I look forward to the next body of work.

What do you think of this track?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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