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Get Cosy This Valentines Day!

Ladies and gentlemen, Valentines day is swiftly approaching and yes It is indeed the season of love. With the majority of holidays centred around giving to others we often over look the importance of self love. So this valentines day, single or not, why not switch it up a bit and treat yourself for once?

Here are a few gifts ideas which you can get for yourself that could make a huge difference on how you feel and flex everyday without breaking the bank!

New Essentials 

It’s so easy to get lost in the food cooking, cinema booking that we when it’s about to go down, we often get get caught in the routine of wearing the same regular boxers we rock week in and week out. Introducing new essentials can show that you went the extra mile to make the moments together special.

It’s also really good to add new bits to your routine anyway even if it is too make yourself feel good. Check out this selection of fresh boxers available from Jack Wills here:

After all you can never have enough boxers and socks right!?

Get Cosy!

So boohooMAN just dropped a new Colour Block range featuring this cheeky number:


What I like about jacket it is the warmth that is brings, super cosy! It’s not your typical outerwear, so it feels good to switch up the look in my wardrobe and the fluffy texture gives more reasons for a cuddle and more this valentines 😉

Check out boohooMAN’s new Colour Block range here

New Headphones

If you’re like me, I always listen to music whilst on the move and I honestly wonder how many hours I have spent untangling my headphones. With mass adoption to releasing mobile phones with no audio ports bluetooth headphones are a God send and I couldn’t recommend Apple AirPods highly enough.

As tiny and compact as they are, they are very powerful allowing you to get in the zone in the gym or on a busy commute. Treat yourself to a pair here:

While your at it… why not put together a slow jam playlist for her or you can check out this month’s Songs To Get Dressed to playlist:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

Freshen up!

My favourite after shave right now is Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Y’ For Men. It is so fresh and zesty, perfect for spring summer. Try introducing a new scent to your collection can really make a difference to your everyday routine.

Buy here