Mens Fashion


Dress Light

Avoid wearing darker colours in the sunshine, darker clothing absorbs the light which produces heat which will turn into a hot dog so just don’t do it!

Stay Hydrated

Drink loads of water in this heat, your body needs it so you can stay cool. One thing I do is freeze a bottle of water over night which will provide ice cold water for the whole of the next day.

Stay Moisturised

I know it is tempting to jump out the shower and leave without creaming your skin but fella… Nobody wants to see those flakes bruh… Keep it creamy!

Plan & Prepare

Feeling sticky and clammy is one thing but looking sticky and clammy is a real turn off. If you have somewhere to go, instead of rushing take your time, plan your journey and arrive looking cool, calm and collected.

Get Your Legs Out

Theres no better time to get you legs out than the summer, sometimes you gotta let your skin just breath! You can find a wide collection of shorts for every occasion at most high street retailers right now. I went to Carhartt recently and was really impressed with their range so be sure to check them out!