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Earlier on this month, I was invited down to a private Graffiti Tour with top fashion house, Farfetch. Inspired by their selection of urban essentials, Farfetch rounded up a troupe of influencers to select one of their favourite streetwear items and celebrate London’s iconic street art and beyond. This experience allowed me to discover some of the best graffiti spots in Shoreditch, learn more about the culture, growth and success of a number of street artists and of course I got the chance to network with fellow menswear bloggers who are absolutely killing the game right now!


We were taken around by legendary graffiti artist, Steam 156, who knows the streets of East London like the back of his spray paint speckled hand. Big Steam gave us a real insight into the tricks of the trade and the sheer scale and value of some of the artwork I often walk past on a daily basis without really appreciating. As well as taking in the information on the day, I captured a few moments of the tour and made a quick mash up of some of the highlights to give a little visual taster of the experience, so check it out here:

As you can see, the backdrop and vibrancy of the streets is often reflected in my everyday style and creativity. I love clothing that has detail, carries a message with depth and most importantly allows me to stand out effortlessly. I decided to rock a wolf print sweatshirt from Virgil Abloh’s new OFF WHITE range (Unboxing Video to follow… come back soon!), Topman Japanese style black wide leg crop jeans and white Nike AirMax 95’s.



In preparation of my outfit for the day and the theme of the graffiti tour, I started to think about the influence of street art and how luxury brands embrace this style.

Here are 5 reasons why Luxury Streetwear will always be on top and how this is also reflected in street art:


Home is where the art is. I enjoy wearing clothing I am comfortable in, it allows me to be free and exude confidence wherever I go letting my presence be known without saying a word. If you feel comfortable and at home standing on your own to feet you will enjoy life.

Making A Statement

Luxury streetwear is not only designed to allow comfort but it also makes a statement, just like street art. Presentation is mad important, artwork may get washed away, painted over, or even chipped away and sold for big bucks but first impressions last forever!

Unique Clothing

Now I know a few of you can relate to this… It is one of the worst things ever to attend an event and someone is sporting the same outfit as you. Going down the luxury route allows your style to be left of what the majority often goes for, again allowing you to stand out effortlessly. Every piece of street art we viewed in London was celebrated for the unique design and signature style.

Trusted Brands That Endure

I would rather invest in clothing that lasts and stands the test of time rather than what is hot at the moment and is easily accessible and widely available to all. I value and appreciate clothing that is produced with quality and these are often produced by luxury brands. This guarantee of quality garments creates a sense of trust and loyalty which is great if not essential in fashion retail. Many graffiti artists have turned what has widely been as considered criminal activity into a career where they are commissioned to produce works of art for their areas. Their style has been tried, tested and loved even stolen and sold on for millions!

The Street is Wear it’s at!

I often spark the debate as to where fashion comes from, is the people or the brands and quite frankly, growing up seeing many come ups from the underground to commercial success I have realised that the coolness, the power, the art comes from the struggle which is the streets. This concrete rose model is reflected in Fashion, Music and Street Art. Money makes the world go round, so when Luxury meets Streetwear which is all that is cool, new, fresh and desired you literally can’t go wrong as the demand is present and there is always something and someone new coming through. This is reflective of many a brick wall or scaffolding space which is seen as a blank canvas for expression.

So with all this being said, what more reasons do you need to get involved! If you are fashion forward and need to upgrade your wardrobe with some urban essentials, be sure to check out Farfetch for the latest in luxury streetwear, with over 400 boutiques across the globe you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice with the number of lines and brands they have to offer.


I really enjoyed the London Graffiti Tour, as I got to view my hometown in a new light and now have an enriched appreciation for street art. The vibe was really relaxed and it was cool to get a chance to dress snazzy and I managed to pick up a feature of the official Farfetch snapchat feed! Get in!!!


Farfetch smashed it with this excursion, I thoroughly enjoyed this event from concept to delivery. It was so cool to catch up with some of the guys who have been in the game for a while now and develop a relationship face to face rather than sending emails or chatting in the DM’s! I enjoyed the street photoshoots right through to the gifts and the grub at the end! How juicy does this look?!


Special thanks to the Farfetch SEO team who looked after us made us all feel very welcomed from the jump.

Photo Credits:

Kaye Ford, Ricardo Correia.